About Zaria

(ZAH-ree-ə) 1. Origin: a variant transliteration of the Arabic Zahrah, literally, “blooming flower.”


The Beginning

I have always been one to make a way when I can’t find one, and that is where Zaria Essentials came from. I had so many skin issues ranging from acne, to dry skin, etc. and no doctor, prescription, or YouTube How-To was helping me. It seemed like no matter what I tried for my skin, it just wasn’t enough. Actually, the more products and chemicals I tried, the worse it got. I began to make my own scrubs, toners, masks, etc. and decided to use only natural products on my skin. My skin slowly but surely started to improve with my simplified routine, so I figured, why not cater to others with the same issue?

At Zaria Essentials, all of your products are handmade with love… by ME! The highest quality of ingredients are used to ensure healthy, soft and radiant skin. They are made to order so your specific product can be altered. Coconut oil allergy? No problem! Leave me a note and your product will be made with another oil, not even touching coconut oil.

The Future of Zaria Essentials

I hope to grow and help those who feel they’ve run out of options concerning their skin as well. I want to help you feel beautiful and radiant in the skin you’re in. We are starting with scrubs but I want to expand my collection as well as offer other natural, handmade self-care products such as soaps, bath soaks, candles, and more. I hope that you will join us for the ride!

-Ariana, Founder